pointerL’uomo che mi teneva la porta

Dicevo, poche ore fa, di storie meravigliose che alcuni dipendenti Apple stanno raccontando su Steve Jobs: se vi siete persi quella di David Cairns ve ne siete persa una bella, ed è un vero peccato. Quindi leggetela.

For part of my time there, I had an office that received no visible sunlight and had no view of the outside. It wasn’t all bad, I was enjoying my work enough, but I’d go out of my way to try to enjoy the sunshine whenever I had it.

One day, I was working late and left my office to get dinner at the cafeteria. When I stepped outside, I realized it had been the first time I had seen the sun all day, as it had been foggy that morning, and I had skipped lunch. I looked up at the sun and smiled, enjoying the feeling of it warming my face and arms, and I continued walking across the quad like this, face up at the sky, eyes closed, smiling.

I like to think that I’m not a chronically weird person, but I do have my moments.

Anyway, I knew the distance pretty well, so when I sensed that I was reaching the other side of the quad, I opened my eyes and looked down and Steve was holding the door for me, grinning to himself. I have no idea how long he had been holding it, though it was probably only a couple seconds, long enough to cause him to smile at my basking in the open air.

Those couple seconds probably cost Apple $1.4bn.