Dave Winer:

To publishers and bloggers — this is a big deal because it means that the same feeds you generate to post stories to Facebook can be used for other sites. It’s a very strong statement. No publishing silos. Let news flow where it wants to. And let competitors arise who may do more interesting and useful things with news than the big companies can.

Questa è un’ottima notizia, che rende gli Instant Articles molto più appetibili. Invece di costringere editori e blogger a rinunciare ai loro contenuti, gli Instant Articles utilizzano un feed rss per mostrare quello che, in sostanza, appartiene altrove.

Baekdal ha ben riassunto i miei dubbi con gli Instant Articles di Facebook:

What many publishers don’t seem to understand is that Facebook is incredibly limited in terms of the behavior its audience has. People don’t go to Facebook for news. Instead, people primarily only use Facebook when they are having a quick break. That means that the audience is coming to Facebook without a specific intent. And because there is no specific intent, there is also almost no loyalty.