Secondo Thom Holwerda, che scrive su OSNews, nei prossimi anni Android subirà una trasformazione radicale volta a lasciarsi alle spalle alcuni dei problemi fondamentali che Google negli anni non è riuscita a risolvere, ma che porterà anche all’abbandono di Linux.

Da dove viene il sospetto? Molte risorse e diversi fra i principali sviluppatori di Google stanno lavorando su Fuchsia — un sistema operativo sperimentale, dice Google —, invece che su Android:

Android in its current form suffers from several key architectural problems – it’s not nearly as resource-efficient as, say, iOS, has consistent update problems, and despite hefty hardware, still suffers from the occasional performance problems, among other things – that Google clearly hasn’t been able to solve. It feels like Android is in limbo, waiting for something, as if Google is working on something else that will eventually succeed Android.

Is that something Fuchsia? Is Project Treble part of the plan, to make it easier for Google to eventually replace Android’s Linux base with something else? If Android as it exists today was salvageable, why are some of the world’s greatest operating systems engineers employed by Google not working on Android, but on Fuchsia? If Fuchsia is just a research operating system, why did its developers recently add actual wallpapers to the repository? Why does every design choice for Fuchsia seem specifically designed for and targeted at solving Android’s core problems?