In riferimento al post precedenteThe Outline racconta la storia di Shiva Ayyadurai, un tizio che dice di avere inventato l’email. Con i vari domini (tutti relativi alla posta elettronica) registrati a suo nome è riuscito a ingannare Google, che alla domanda ‘Chi ha inventato l’email?‘ un po’ di tempo fa rispondeva Shiva Ayyadurai senza indugio.

Fonte dello snippet? Il sito stesso del tizio, come racconta The Outline:

Here’s what a search for “who invented email” turns up on Google. It’s Shiva Ayyadurai. The source is Shiva Ayyadurai’s website. The snippet isn’t even in full sentences because it’s so stuffed with keywords. The issue with this particular featured snippet is bigger than one wrong answer. It’s that Google got roped into a disinformation campaign waged by Ayyadurai.

Perhaps more interesting is Gmail’s added support for embedded CSS and element, class, and ID selectors. With this one change, embedded styles will be nearly universally supported—meaning that email designers will no longer be bound to inline styles and all the headaches they bring. Emails will now be easier to design, develop, and maintain. The lighter code base and more familiar style of writing CSS means that many of the blockers for web developers taking email seriously will be removed.