Microsoft si sta interessando alle penne, digitali. Un articolo di WIRED racconta alcuni dei progetti e esperimenti in corso, fra cui una ricerca per disegni: disegni una mela, e Bing ti risponde con immagini di mele (dubito funzionerebbe con me):

The possibilities are kind of incredible, actually. For instance, the Microsoft team has been experimenting with a search tool that lets you draw your search query. Bathiche sketches a crude Eiffel Tower, and Bing-powered image results populate. OK, what about at night? He scribbles a dark sky, and quickly switches the pen’s digital ink to yellow—lights! The search results change instantly. In another demo, he sketches arrows, shapes, and symbols. Rather than scroll through lists or try to figure out whether he wants “Medium Left Arrow” or “Medium Left Arrow with Big Head,” he just draws what we wants. The app recognizes what he’s making, smoothing out lines and sharpening corners so it looks like an actual arrow.