pointerApple rivoluzionerà l’assistenza sanitaria?

Secondo Tim Bajarin, con HealthKit e altri prodotti legati in qualche modo alla salute (Apple Watch), Apple starebbe gettando le fondamenta per rivoluzionare il settore dell’assistenza sanitaria — soprattutto il modo in cui i dati medici vengono trattati (e comunicati, fra i vari interessati):

As I look at Apple today and try and peer into its future, I believe they are going to disrupt three other industries very soon. The first one is healthcare. Back in 2012, I don’t think any of us could have seen how Apple would link an iPhone or iPad to the health market. Yes, Apple did show one health app when they introduced the iPad in 2010 and we saw others over the first two years that perhaps hinted at this health connection. But what Apple is doing in health now and, more importantly, how they are positioning themselves to be a key broker of health data between a user and their healthcare providers is a very big deal. […]

Tim Cook and his team are so involved with helping users record their health data and working with the health industry to get that information into a unified format in a safe and secure way so a person’s healthcare provider can be more proactive in dealing with anyone’s health.