pointerInternet.org non è neutrale, non è sicuro e — soprattutto — non è Internet

La Electronic Frontier Foundation finalmente ha affrontato la questione di Internet.org, l’internet non neutrale che Facebook sta promuovendo nei Paesi che vorrebbe aiutare:

We completely agree that the global digital divide should be closed. However, we question whether this is the right way to do it. As we and others have noted, there’s a real risk that the few websites that Facebook and its partners select for Internet.org (including, of course, Facebook itself) could end up becoming a ghetto for poor users instead of a stepping stone to the larger Internet. […]

We agree that some Internet access is better than none, and if that is what Internet.org actually provided—for example, through a uniformly rate-limited or data-capped free service—then it would have our full support. But it doesn’t. Instead, it continues to impose conditions and restraints that not only make it something less than a true Internet service, but also endanger people’s privacy and security.