pointerContro VSCO

VSCO è forse la mia applicazione preferita per l’editing di foto su iPhone, e in parte sono soggetto a una dipendenza dai suoi filtri (hey, se non altro non uso quelli di Instagr.am): ne ho acquistati diversi con differenze minime.

In parte, Conor McClure ha ragione in questa sua critica:

Look, I’m not going to say that all VSCO Film presets are the same, cause they’re obviously not. But, at this point, I have more than enough film emulation than I will ever need. I bought the last pack and, quite literally, never touched it. These days, you can tell, immediately upon first glance, that Random Photographer has simply “slapped a VSCO preset” on their photo, probably at random, and called it a day.

The faded “film look” is photography’s skinny jeans, just like sliders-to-11 HDR was photography’s baggy pants before that. It’s just fashion.