pointerQuanto è dipendente dall’iPhone l’Apple Watch?

A Blog To Watch, un blog dedicato a orologi, ha recensito l’Apple Watch. Le considerazioni sulla qualità dell’oggetto, dalla prospettiva di una persona abituata a recensire Rolex, sono molto interessanti e, soprattutto, positive. Non è la prima recensione di un appassionato di orologi che si dichiara positivamente impresso dal design dell’Apple Watch.

La recensione include anche alcuni dettagli interessanti, come una (semi) risposta a una delle mie domande non risposte sull’oggetto: quanto sarà indipendente dall’iPhone?

A good example is during exercise. Apple indicated to me that you don’t need to take your phone around with you while you exercise, unless you require GPS functions. The Apple Watch can store some media, such as songs, independently on the device (the internal storage of the Apple Watch has yet to be announced), and it can track a lot of exercise and movement data without being connected to an iPhone. Once paired again, the Apple Watch shares data with the host apps on the phone.

Apple actually made clever use of the Apple Watch’s relationship with the iPhone. Apple Watch users will install an Apple Watch app on their iPhone, which will be used to download apps onto the watch as well as likely manage Apple Watch settings. A user’s iPhone is also used to help with computational demands. Apple cleverly pushes a lot of processor needs to the phone in order to preserve Apple Watch battery life. Thus, the Apple Watch is snappier, with longer battery life because a lot of tasks can be off-loaded to the host phone.