pointerCosa non voglio dall’iWatch: le notifiche

Tutti i wearable in commercio si sono concentrati sulle notifiche push, presentandosi come un ulteriore device su cui riceverle — più facilmente, più insistentemente. Secondo John Moltz l’ultima cosa di cui abbiamo bisogno è di essere interrotti ulteriormente: se ci saranno, dovranno riuscire ad essere meno fastidiose che sull’iPhone, e sicuramente non potranno venire presentate come la feature principale del device.

I don’t want notifications. It’s OK if they’re there as long as I can turn them off (or down). I don’t want to be distracted any more than I already am by my phone. My kid sends me 10,000 Game Center notifications a day. My MacBook Air frequently informs me of FaceBook activity that I could not possibly care less about. If I have those on my wrist I will go insane and I will somehow spontaneously combust, possibly taking out several kittens and puppies nearby. Nobody wants that. Most of the wearables so far seem heavily focused on notifications because many are driven by Android which desperately wants you to keep using the software in order to get your activity data and/or show you ads.