pointerL’iWatch non sarà un orologio

AAPL Orchard:

It is possible Apple will initially sell a wearable device similar to a fitness band, but focused on the much broader and mainstream subject of health, only to expand the lineup in subsequent years with various editions, price points, and styles. I have a growing suspicion that Apple’s wearables category will not be comprised of just one or two models but an array of devices as wearables will usher the era of fashion into personal technology. Apple’s recent retail hires support my thesis that a new way of thinking is required to sell a range (maybe up to dozens?) of wrist devices.

Come altri, le ipotesi sull’ipotetico iWatch è che: non sia un iWatch, quanto piuttosto un accessorio indossabile stile Jawbone UP. Come vari rumors confermano, potrebbe venire presentato fra due settimane — l’effettiva data di lancio sul mercato, però, potrebbe essere più distante.