pointerIl lato oscuro del .io

I domini con estensione .io sono molto popolari di recente, soprattutto presso le startup. GigaOM rivela un dettaglio piuttosto negativo a loro riguardo: pur facendo riferimento alle Isole Chargos, i soldi ricavati dalla loro registrazione vanno interamente al Regno Unito:

The .io country code top-level domain is pretty popular right now, particularly among tech startups that want to take advantage of the snappy input/output reference and the relative availability of names — Fusion.io, Wise.io and Import.io are just a few examples. But who benefits from the sale of .io domains? Sadly, not the people who ultimately should.

While .tv brings in millions of dollars each year for the tiny South Pacific island nation of Tuvalu, and .me benefits Montenegro, the people of the British Indian Ocean Territory, or the Chagos Islands, have no such luck. Indeed, profits from the sale of each .io domain flow to the very force that expelled the Chagossian or Ilois people from their equatorial land just a generation or two ago: the British government.