pointerLeggere ‘Guerra e pace’ sull’iPhone

Clive Thompson difende la lettura su schermi, tant’è che lui è arrivato al punto di leggersi Guerra e pace sull’iPhone:

The phone’s extreme portability allowed me to fit Tolstoy’s book into my life, and thus to get swept up in it. And it was being swept up that, ironically, made the phone’s distractions melt away. Once you’re genuinely hankering to get back to a book, to delve into the folds of its plot and the clockwork machinations of its characters, you stop needing so much mindfulness to screen out digital diversions. The book becomes the diversion itself, the thing your brain is needling you to engage with. Stop checking your email and Twitter! You’ve got a book to read!

In realtà pure io oramai leggo non solo saggi ma anche narrativa dall’iPhone, cosa che mi permette di leggere nei momenti morti in cui altrimenti aprirei Instapaper o Twitter, o nel chaos della metropolitana (in piedi).