Dov’è il mio piccolo pezzo di vetro?

If someone time travelled from 1990 (let alone from 1900) to 2015 and was asked to describe the difference between then and now, they might report back: “Well, people don’t use light bulbs any more; they use these things called LED lights, which I guess save energy, but the light they cast is cold. What else? Teenagers seem to no longer have acne or cavities, cars are much quieter, but the weirdest thing is that everyone everywhere is looking at little pieces of glass they’re holding in their hands, and people everywhere have tiny earphones in their ears. And if you do find someone without a piece of glass or earphones, their faces have this pained expression as if to say, “Where is my little piece of glass?” What could possibly be in or on that little piece of glass that could so completely dominate a species in one generation?” — Douglas Coupland, Moody

Davide Metrangolo (July 23, 2015)

Il viaggio a ritroso probabilmente susciterebbe commenti tipo: “Summer (Winter, Christmas, ecc…) Card? Chi è quel pirla che invia 500 sms al giorno?”.

Siamo sempre gli alieni di qualcun’altra. A volte lo siamo di noi stessi, se passa sufficiente tempo.