pointerIl peccato originale di internet

Ethan Zuckerman, ispirato da un meraviglioso talk di Maciej Cegłowski, si chiede se una internet diversa — meno centralizzata, con un modello di business che non faccia affidamento sulla raccolta dei dati degli utenti — sia possibile.

Once we’ve assumed that advertising is the default model to support the Internet, the next step is obvious: We need more data so we can make our targeted ads appear to be more effective. Cegłowski explains, “We’re addicted to ‘big data’ not because it’s effective now, but because we need it to tell better stories.” […]

In theory, an ad-supported system is more protective of privacy than a transactional one. Subscriptions or micropayments resolved via credit card create a strong link between online and real-world identity, while ads have traditionally been targeted to the content they appear with, not to the demo/psychographic identity of the user