pointerHealthKit e l’ipotetico iWatch

Secondo Tim Bajarin il device indossabile di Apple non sarà un iWatch (primariamente, se non altro), ma un braccialetto costruito attorno a HealthKit — e con come obiettivo principale la raccolta di dati personali sulla propria salute e il proprio corpo.

For those of us who have followed the life of Steve Jobs, we know most of the products he brought to market were ones he wanted to use himself. They came out of his personal life experiences. The iPod came out of his love of music and his frustrations with not being able to access what he wanted and play it back at will. The iPhone came out because he thought early smartphones were not great and he designed it around what he would want in a smartphone. The iPad was his version of making a Mac as portable as possible and replicating a computing experience, tied with new forms of content and apps, in a very convenient manner.

I believe Apple’s next big thing comes out of his experience in the health care system and his immense frustration with gaining access to his own personal records, in not being able to monitor his health in real time and in studying the bureaucratic world of health care — where data is not portable and effectively sharing data between doctors and other members of his health care team was near to impossible. […]

I believe [Apple’s new wearable] is more likely to be a health related wearable tied to this back end health data system. Yes, it can tell time, but instead of trying to be a generic smartwatch, I think Apple will narrow its focus and make their wearable entry closer to what we see in the Nike Fuelband but on steroids.