pointerDyson ha creato l’iPad degli aspirapolveri

Dyson è quell’azienda capace di renderti interessanti ventilatori, aspirapolveri e asciugamani elettrici. Secondo Farhad Manjoo, che ne scrive sul New York Times, con il DC59 Motorhead hanno creato l’iPad degli aspirapolveri: dietro ci sono anni di ricerca, e il tentativo di creare un aspirapolvere semplificato, “pronto all’uso”, che sia sempre disponibile:

The DC59 seems more like a couple of other battery-powered devices that do not look as powerful as full-size machines, but that have nevertheless taken over the world: smartphones and tablet computers.

Your phone can’t do as much as your computer, but because it’s right there in your pocket and starts up in a flash, you might spend a lot more time on it than on your PC. The DC59 offers the same wonderful trade-off — very good cleaning without the headaches of a bigger machine. It’s the iPad of vacuum cleaners.