pointerCome sarà la condivisione in iOS 8

Con iOS 8 sarà più facile condividere link e media con le applicazioni di terze parti, grazie alle estensioni, che permettono una maggiore integrazione e comunicazione fra le applicazioni. Rene Ritchie ha riassunto i cambiamenti principali in un articolo:

With iOS 8 and Extensibility, gone are the days when Apple had to make a deal with social networks and laboriously integrate them one and a time into iOS. Now, any app you download from the App Store can hook into the Share Sheets and give you the option to share or upload your content with other members and to the service.

For example, Apple and Pinterest no longer have to come to any special deals or work on any unique implementations. Pinterest can simply add a share extension to their app. That way, when you download it, the Pinterest icon and option will become available in the Share Sheet just like the built-in options.