pointerLa prossima Apple TV?

Un’interessante ipotesi: alcune delle funzionalità presentate al WWDC — come il nuovo AirPlay, o le estensioni — potrebbero rivelarsi molto utili nel lancio di una Apple TV più potente, che con un semplice software update potrebbe trasformarsi in una console per videogame.

Apple now has everything they need to disrupt the game console industry in a way that none of them see coming. I predict that we’ll see a new AppleTV update (and hardware) this fall along with a new app extension type for AirPlay. AirPlay will become about more than just streaming video to your AppleTV – instead that’ll simply be one of the things you can do with it. Apps (mostly games, I suspect) will be able to bundle an AirPlay extension inside – just like how apps can now bundle photo editing or sharing extensions as of iOS 8.