pointerDi cloud e WWDC

Da leggere le riflessioni di Benedict Evans sul WWDC, probabilmente le più interessanti in circolazione. A me interessa sottolineare due punti. Di come Apple continui ad allentare la presa su iOS, eliminando certi limiti in maniera però sempre molto controllata:  

First, Apple is continuing the steady process of removing restrictions on what developers can do – but doing so in a very specific way. Almost all of these restrictions are necessarily trade-offs – on a smartphone more flexibility is ipso facto less security and less battery life. So multi-tasking was permitted only once Apple had created a way to do it while preserving control. The same now comes with Extensions. Apple has a model to allow apps to connect to each other and add functionality to other apps – but with clearly defined attach points and a clear control model. Like multitasking, the idea is to gain most benefits of being open while preserving most benefits of being closed.

E della diversa concezione di cloud e device che Google e Apple hanno:

For Google, devices are dumb glass and the intelligence is in the cloud, but for Apple the cloud is just dumb storage and the device is the place for intelligence. […] This brings me to the macro point: Everything Apple does is about selling devices. Definitely iOS devices, and possibly an Apple TV or a wearable of its own. But for now, the device is the centre point. And that’s a $600 device.