pointerIntervista all’inventore della Aeropress

Con alcune piccole istruzioni su come utilizzarla al meglio che io normalmente non seguo:

The idea of pouring water into the brewed concentrate makes peoples shiver in fear. They think somehow that they are going to wreck it, and so they do things like, push water through the same bed of grounds. A typical user will put in a scoop of coffee and then fill the AeroPress with water to the very top and push it through as opposed to what we say, which is just fill to the number one, and push that through, and then add water afterward.

It’s a little like the temperature thing, most people have never tried that, and it tastes better. The reason it tastes better is you’re not forcing a lot of water through the same grounds and extracting more bitterness.

(“Cos’è la Aeropress“)