pointerI dati che perdiamo in giro per il web, raccolti e aggregati

Il Center for Investigative Reporting, con una serie di esempi, elenca vari casi in cui la privacy su internet va a farsi benedire:

When you log in with a username and password to sites like Gmail, Amazon or OkCupid, your behavior can be linked to your real name or email address. […] Stanford University’s Center for Internet and Society showed in a 2012 paper how usernames or IDs leaked to third parties on 113 popular websites out of 185 tested. Jonathan Mayer, a graduate student at Stanford who worked on the study, offered another demonstration. He first logged in to the video-sharing site Dailymotion with the username “jonathanmayer” and showed how a unique ID number assigned to him by the data tracker Criteo followed him to another site about sexually transmitted diseases.

Collusion è un’estensione per Chrome che vi informa su quali siti secondari ottengono informazioni da quello che state visitando.

(“Ma tanto io non ho nulla da nascondere”)