pointerFare il fornitore di web hosting è un business orribile

Anche Marco Arment si è espresso sull’acquisizione di MediaTemple da parte di GoDaddy, in maniera non proprio positiva, con riflessioni più in generale sul perché sia così difficile trovare un fornitore di web hosting soddisfacente:

Most hosts are mediocre or overpriced, so when word of a good, reasonably priced host gets around, they usually get a deluge of new customers, leading to frequent changes and growing pains. So even if you pick a “good” hosting company, being their customer today or next year might be significantly worse than it was when their good reputation was built.

Più nello specifico su GoDaddy:

GoDaddy is a horrible company run by horrible people selling horrible products. […] If you’re a Media Temple customer wondering whether you should prepare for the worst, the short answer is: probably.